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Balloon Bubble House by Pretty Energy Gifting Terms and Conditions

Please carefully review the terms and conditions outlined below:


  • A maximum of 4 – 5 people in the balloon bubble house at a time
  • No shoes are allowed within the dome
  • Strictly no eating or drinking inside the balloon bubble house
  • No jumping on the walls of the balloon bubble house
  • No pets allowed within the dome
  • Face paint, silly string, glitter, confetti and sharp objects are prohibited
  • The balloon bubble house requires a clean, flat surface and must be within 30m of a power source
  • Grass, turf or concrete is ideal (no rocks or gravel)
  • Should your event take place during summer, the balloon bubble house needs to be situated in a shaded area (trees, shade sail, marquee or stretch tent higher than 4 meters)
  • An indoor setup is available as long as the space is big enough (the balloon bubble house is 6 metres in length, 3 metres high, and 3 metres wide)
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