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Staycation Ideas in and Around Pretoria!

Staycation Ideas in and Around Pretoria!

Do you know the best thing about being local? Experiencing your city’s fascinating attractions at your leisure.

Take the opportunity to encounter the things that make your hometown enthralling to visitors as you discover just why these hidden gems are so popular.

Start small with a Guided Hiking Experience to take in all that nature has to offer and build-up to the most compelling attractions, like taking the plunge and experiencing the thrill of bungee jumping!.

Maybe you’re a history buff or an avid lover of the arts? You may want to make a pitstop and spend the day with Maboneng Township Arts Experience; who have successfully turned over 50 homes in South African townships into galleries. And if you’re into bright & lustrous precious stones, take the time to enjoy the Diamond Experience & Gemstone Mine Tour.

Complete your tourist experience by travelling through the heart of the Soweto township and getting to know the area in an organic and fun way, with a leisurely Bicycle Tour or a more traditional Walking Tour.

What better way to spend your days than discovering the beauty that is your home.